Meaning Full and Meaning Less

What if my greatest aspiration
Is total self-sublimation?
What if I want to be nothing
More than a good vibration?

All of us who love to analyze
Must believe in a universe
With intent, a grand design,
An ordered set of footsteps,
Perceptions and moments
From which divine meanings
Are meant to be synthesized:

If chaos is the only constant,
What’s left for us to analyze?

One thought on “Meaning Full and Meaning Less”

  1. Excellent words… most poignant, and my personal favorite part is the last 2 lines… ” If chaos is the only constant
    What’s left to analyze?”…thoughtfull and factual. Appealing to one’s more scientific outlook on life, but yet beautifully answering what “appears ” to be life with out controll…with an almost rhetorical question.
    Thank you for that….

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